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Invest in all-year first-rate timber houses on Baltic Sea coast

In the West, people have invested successfully in real property. One of the main reasons for that is an easily accessible mortgage loan. In Poland, it is still something of a novelty, but has already gained some popularity.

We are of the opinion that prices and investments in real property have reached its peak in Western Europe. In contrast, the Polish real estate market is still in its infancy, with relatively low prices, high interest rates, and limited willingness to borrow money. And yet, as Poland is developing rapidly, the economy will keep flourishing, and interest rates will plummet; consequently, more people will tend to take credits, and purchasing power will get stronger, which, combined, will push prices up. And this will be the case despite falling prices in other countries.

For this reason, we have decided to call our company Invest Poland, and wish to invite the Polish and foreign investors to a genuine price festival.

For the last eight years, our company has been constructing and selling real estate on the Polish coast. What is typical of our projects are high quality and perfect setting (beside the lake and the sea). This is the place where luxury holiday accommodation is created which needs proper setting, that is a place where you can do anything you desire.

The projects are located in places which live up to expectations of the most demanding tourists. We have invested in a string of plots close to a forest and the beach; in the long run, they will be turned into luxury holiday areas.

The setting ought to ensure cottage-owners a wide range of attractions, including a swimming-pool, sauna, jacuzzi, tennis, hunting and anglig etc. The investment offer is tailored-made so that our clients may feel absolutely secure. We guarantee to obtain all required permits and care for clients’ investments.

The projects are sold according to the principle “First come, first served”, which means that the first purchaser will have an unlimited possibility to choose any plot and cottage.  

Consider buying the summer cottage as an economic investment, but also an investment in joy of life. Our investment ought to secure a handsome profit. Moreover, the purchaser is not supposed to use his own means while waiting for the main profit. Alternatively, you may equally well treat the purchase as a life investment or an opportunity to benefit from the beautiful surroundings.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Management of Invest Poland

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