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Invest Poland Ltd.

The Invest Poland company was established to benefit from the current economic boom in Poland. To put it simply, we are convinced that there is no other better country to invest in right now than Poland.

Our employees and us look upon ourselves as a team of consultants supporting participants in the project, while our overriding objective is to ensure that the projects are carried out properly so that no investor might feel disappointed having entrusted us his money.

We offer timber cottages and summer appartments for sale which can be used as holiday accommodation throughout the year. We are determined to offer first-rate high-quality projects, situated in the settings appealing both to demanding tourists and landscape-lovers alike.

Thus, we take great care when choosing the setting. So far, we have invested in land close to Dąbki and Kopań by Darłowo by reason of the unparalleled climate and exceptional setting between the lake and the sea.

Our far-sighted investment policy has ever set the following objectives:

  • offer our clients perfect opportunities to invest, also having pension schemes in mind:
    • any buyer can rely on a handsome profit,
    • the investment is safe,
    • any client can withdraw from the transaction at any time,
    • the purchaser is not dependent on other parties for decisions and expectations of the profit,
    • the client may make use of the investment on his own,
  • strive for enhancement of our services, remaining one of the most affordable companies on the market,
  • seek to self-finance the investment so that the buyer need not bear current charges,
  • place investments where holiday season is long, and lasts at least half a year,
  • select the setting which can provide anything holiday-makers look for:
    • a wide range of attractions and facilities for tourists, including water sports, swimming-pool (water park), recreation (sauna, spa, massage, solarium, jacuzzi etc.), sports (e.g. tennis), angling (also at sea), hunting, walking and cycling tracks, monuments, local colour and other activities,
  • present investment so that potential clients may be convinced of the benefits of the project as for the setting, security of the investment and development potential (unchanging value of the area),
  • guarantee to obtain all permits,
  • unlimited connections from Poland and abroad as well as connections with major nearby cities.

We have a pleasure to offer you a all-year first-rate cottage in one of the best settings in Poland.

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