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Why invest in summer house by Baltic Sea

By definition real estate can be a building permanently fixed in location whose ownership and boundaries are clearly defined in a contract and recorded in the land and mortgage register.

Like any other investment, real estate prices can vary considerably, but what is typical of immovable property is that its value is bound to rise in the long run. As a result, investments in real property are among the most reliable – unlike securities including shares and bonds, whose potential to increase is usually limited, whereas their prices are highly volatile, depending on the current economic situation.

Real estate market in Western Europe has lately seen a substantial rise in the prices. In this context, if you realize that property prices stand relatively low in Poland, you can bet that they will no doubt soar.

A share of Western Europeans have a summer house. It is often considered as a refuge where you can get away from the stressful and hasty pace of life and rest in charming surroundings to your heart’s content.

As a rule, buying is also treated as an investment. The purchase is normally financed with a mortgage loan with installments and other charges fully repaid thanks to house rent in high season, and still you can use it yourself in low season. This implies that the summer house is practically used by its owner without bearing any costs, and the only thing you can do is wait for the property to increase in value.

At present, the Polish economy is booming, with prices rising, and the trend is to the best of our knowledge very likely to hold to reach the levels known in Western Europe.

These changes will no doubt have a bearing on immovable property, thus making summer houses at the seaside – like anywhere in the West – into a perfect target for potential investors.

To sum up, if you decide to invest your money in a summer house, you can not only rely on it to be a profitable investment, but you can also treat contact with amazing nature (forest and beaches) and a wide range of relaxation and leisure-time activities as an extra benefit.

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