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Contract and security for clients

Our clients are offered a standard contract which is signed after all the details have been discussed. Furthermore, you can have your rights recorded in the land and mortgage register prior to deed conveyance, that is once all required-by-law permits have been obtained. This refers both to Polish and foreign investors.

Consequently, we have drawn up a contract which ensures our clients against any potential losses – just like in Denmark where Invest Poland’s Director comes from and where trading in real estate has evolved into a trustworthy business over many centuries.

None of our clients should sustain any losses taking part in the project. Thus, we have also created a deposit system in cooperation with a recognized bank. This being the case, no means apart from clients’ contribution may be transferred to us as the property sellers before the purchaser has been granted possession rights.

As the investor must be absolutely sure about his rights concerning the project, we can offer legal counseling, and guarantee flexible approach to serious offers.

In a nutshell, we strongly recommend you to invest in the most attractive and safe projects on Polish soil.

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