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For the last five years, Invest Poland has been selling summer houses at the Polish Baltic seaside. Thus, we can today boast an impressive contact network in the area; we are also familiar with both advantages and possible drawbacks of the region.

We have so far built and sold a number of summer cottages. We bought excellent pieces of land by the Baltic Sea; at present, we are working hard to complete construction of cottages and apartements, and can ensure quality and pricing unheard-of in the area before.

What is typical of all the selected locations is their unmatched beauty which no tourist will leave cold, and setting in a calm safe area. Our far-sighted strategy made us choose venues where you are certain to find rest, reasonable prices, rewarding profit on investment as well as limited risk for the buyer.

Currently, we can offer three projects, each with access to spa and wellness facilities as well as a wide range of leisure-time activities; furthermore, all the houses are situated in the picturesque surroundings close to holiday resorts and the seashore:

  1. Dąbki 1 – all-year high-quality timber cottages by forest and shore >>CLICK<<

  2. Kopań – all-year luxury appartments with view on lake and sea >>CLICK<<

  3. Dąbki 2 – all-year luxury appartments by forest and beach >>CLICK<<

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